The Orlando TREP Mission

Why Orlando?

Orlando has a quality and uniqueness to it that no other region or city possesses…from its great weather and quality of life to its collaborative and business-friendly environment, Orlando is much more than the world’s capital for tourism and hospitality. Already a world leader for cutting edge industries such as modeling, gaming & simulation; healthcare & life sciences; aviation & aerospace; optics & photonics; and cleantech & energy solutions, Orlando is emerging as the 21st century hub for the next generation of innovators, creators, and enTREPreneurs.

About Orlando TREP

Orlando TREP will be an inclusive and collective voice that connects creative minds, innovative companies, and venture capitalists to Central Florida’s enTREPreneurial ecosystem.Orlando TREP is dedicated to promoting and amplifying the great enTREPreneurial companies and individuals, support organizations and events that are happening throughout the greater Orlando region. Orlando TREP, at its core, will strive to see enTREPreneurial activity and creative collisions grow and prosper as a focal point of the community.

Orlando TREP recognizes that a convergence of trends – e.g. connected technology, work/life balance, social consciousness, dissolution with government and corporate America – drives the next generation of societal leaders. EnTREPreneurship is the ultimate symbol of FREEDOM … to do what you want, when you want, where you want, and with whom you want to do it.


The overarching objectives of Orlando TREP are:

Talent: Increase retention and recruitment of quality talent pool

Revenue: Increase investment and access to capital markets

Experience: Increase mentor involvement & participation in the entrepreneurial landscape

Publicize: Promote and amplify Orlando as an ideal place to start and grow a business and enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

5-Year Goals

What California was to the 20th century, Florida – and particularly Orlando – can be to the 21st century – the next great American entrepreneurial city. In the next 5 years, we must…

  • Increase the local talent pool
  • 10x increase in venture capital and angel funding
  • 10x increase in mixed generation mentoring
  • Provide a world-class web portal that publicizes our world-class region