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Orlando Gaming at GDC 2016

Orlando’s rockstar gaming community headed to GDC 2016

Metro Orlando’s video-game professionals have their eyes set on one of the largest industry conferences in the U.S., in an effort to grow the community here. Officials with Indienomicon, a group of independent video-game developers, have spearheaded an effort to get representation to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The group hopes to raise […]

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EA Tiberon

EA Tiburon exec offers tips for local game developers

While Orlando may lack a number of well-known video game studios like cities in California or Texas, the city does have plenty of independent game developers— all of which are trying to break into the money-making industry with one good hit game. The problem is that most well-known games carry a big budget, resources that […]

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Orlando the Epicenter of the Simulation World

For nearly a half century, as most of the world focused their attention on the technological marvels being launched on the Space Coast, in East Orlando another industry was quietly growing from a niche technology into a disruptive one. As Mayor Teresa Jacobs put it, “Most communities are trying to catch waves that have already […]

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Florida Simulation Summit to feature multi-billion dollar industry

          Did you know that simulation is a key enabler in a multitude of industries beyond defense, including entertainment, education, healthcare, energy, transportation, manufacturing, and cyber?  Simulation impacts the way we live, work, and entertain. Simulation enhances company operations, safety, and bottom line. Orange County is hosting a summit to highlight […]

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